How Disney ruined Star Wars

Im a huge star wars fan, theres no doubt in that, its amazing how the first 6 parts combine science-fiction with spiritual topics and even some deep theming. Of course its not perfect. Lucasfilm didnt always do everything perfect and its still confusing how they wrote out the Anakin & Padmé to she being what, 18 years older? but thats another topic.

How the problem was able to be created

The first 6 parts where compared to the later parts a lot more serious. Not necasserily really darker, but they definitely had more seriousness to them. Why is that?

In the first 6 movies the emphasis is strongly on holding to the code of the jedi and following it closely. A good example is the 2 part when Anakin asks the ship to be landed and he gets in an argument with his master kenobi.

Theres also a great focus on the aspect of master/apprentice and the fact you should be thriving to get more closely with the force and become wiser. That does not mean there cant be fun, in the second and third part how count doku tries to hold his fights very very “english style” being polite is one example.

And lastly while yes of course it was possible to do things which even in the star wars galaxy where crazy there was still a system behind it, disney broke the system a lot of times for no real reasons.

The Problem


Disney tried to turn star wars into a bad comedy show half serious in the star wars franchise?

One of my facorite examples is in the 8th film where Snoke tries to recrute kailo and speaks: “a new Vader”, which is just mind boggling. Vader was created because anakin over estimated his skills in a battle with his old master kenobi. Vader was just the name. I shows how little disney tried to develop the story and how desperately they tried to not let old characters disappear. a good counter example is kenobis master Qui-Gon Jinn, he was one of the main actors in the first part and had one more appearance at the end of the 3 part. but thats it. he character is gone.

Another example that shows how they couldnt let characters go, is how lea saved herself randomly out of space pulling herself back to the ship using the force, yes theres the jedi jump but this would not hve been possible normally, again becasuse they couldnt let a main character die.

Then the scene where rai gives luke anakins light saber and he just throws it away…disney trying to be funny in the wrong way. In a normal star wars he would have maybe also turned down the request to train ray, but not in that way.

I could give endless more examples but i think i made the point.

How to solve the problem

Bring back the old style to think about the force, manners and the style to write the films.

But most importanly. LET GO OF MAIN CHARCTERS, move the story. Yes they let Luke, lea and han go but bring back palpatine without explanation?!

And please also film some scenes on coruscant, i miss that place.

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