Iracing And Devs

So you do windows kernel development but then one day decide you want to play iRacing? Heres my story:

The Problem

I like motorsport, its not a secret, on that day i wanted to play some iRacing to see the Mercedes Benz AMG W12 which was developed for the iRacing simulator. But surprise i also develop! And while i do not mainly work on windows, i have a ssd in my tower running windows for some games or when i test/develop windows specific things…and it happens that around 4-5 months ago i did some kernel development/testing regarding Genshin impact reverse work.

iRacing installed correctly, everything fine. But when i then tried to launch the test track, It got stuck at “Loading Sim: 0%”

Mh i wondered, what could that be, did the install fail? did i need to restart?(iRacing comes with EasyAntiCheat, which i can understand since its a competitive simulator) So i re reinstalled everything, but still, nothing….so i did some digging where iRacings logs are and after i found them i saw: “Cannot launch Easy anti Cheat with Forced driver signing disabled”.

Oh okay….

The solution.

Since i did the kernel testing i had test mode enabled….The sim could have warned me but whatever, just lost 30 minutes trying to search for the reason.

So the fix in the end was rather simple but i wanted to write it down incase this might help someone. Run a CMD as Admin and use

bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING off

Then you will need to restart but that should let iRacing be happy and start normally…

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