Weed experienced the other way...

note the times are in european standard but 12-23 is pm, 0-8 is am

Where do i start on this one, well at the beginning i suppose. I am generally open towards drugs, not extreme since i am very aware of the dangers but i also see the benifits and thus i am rather open towards them.

The beginning.

I will try to hold this short, basically this friday evening i planned to do hash brownies with two of my friends… i will not disclose their names for privacy reasons since this is about me. But all of us are adults and non of us is imature or silly in their actions, normally

I have had some experiences with smoking weed but nothing intense, im not a active smoker, this was my first time doing hash brownies.

So we started the evening(19:00), when i arrived the brownies where not done and thus we had some good talks and ordered pizza, so we had eaten enough.

Again this was my first time so i didnt know exactly what to expect but i was aware brownies act slower but more intense and longer then smoking it.

Around 21:30(might have been from 21:00 i cannot remember exactly) the brownies where done and i ate one, we continued to watch stuff, feeling nothing yet.

The Waiting

The first brownie was already a while ago….nothing yet, it was 22:15 now, so we talked for a while and then decided to eat a second hash brownie…this was probably the dumbest decision i made in a long time. We then continued watching star wars the clone wars…

The relaxed phase.

Id say around 23:00 i started feeling something which wasnt extreme but it was a sense of having to concentrate more then usually to what happened in the episodes.
10 minutes later i got a wave of heaviness/foginess rolling my body up and into my head…i knew now it was starting to take effect.

Whats this?

My friends started feeling something around the same time id say but the action started at 23:30 when my friend started feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the high of what i think was the first brownie kicking in.

I started feeling a lot too but i was fine, i was aware and it was enjoyable actually, besides the fact of a very very dry mouth making chewing very hard and the fact time seams to slow down a lot. we went into the garden and got some fresh air, i was high at that point but still fine…

When we went upstairs thats when it started to get bad for me.

My Adventure

It started that thinking clear was becoming harder and harder, i was very high at that point but still felt it was managable, we went down again for a while into the garden, there in one instance my friend was breathing out into the cold night and i believed he was throwing cartoonish flames into the air.

After we got up again it got really bad because i wasnt really oriented anymore. I forgot things i did 2 minutes ago, they have a cat i think when wanted to pat the cat and then suddenly was sitting in a chair again, there was another instance of me wondering where my phone is, with one of my friends then pointing out to me it was right next to me on the table.

Now the bad stuff begins…i always tend to have a faster heart when excited but im used to that and i can control it with breathing and slow it and all good…
After the orientation started getting worse, i started feeling my heart more and more.

And that wasnt playing, i was setting doing nothing but trying to relax myself with a every increasing heart rate. At that point i was aware and trying to slow it with controlled breathing but nothing it just wouldnt decrease.
As a side note, a little earlier there was already police there out of another reason and one of my friend asked them and got told to just wait the high out unless theres a critical health issue….well..

So after 5-10 minutes, it was 0:30 now i told my friend to call an ambulance since he confirmed too my heart was going fast and at this point i was just panicking while trying to be calm, as a funfact while he was on the phone i almost changed my mind and was about to tell him to leave it when it started getting extreme so i thought its probs the right thing to do.

So after he called them we decided to go down, they actually took a bit longer but i was already out, i was not feeling well and just trying to wait for the ambulance…and it was a long wait…or it felt like it, since in reality it was just what, 7 minutes? I stod there infront of street, trying to understand where i was, what was going on. was the ambulance there and i was just at the wrong exit? where they not coming? i just stod there waiting….luckily they did come. Still very stressed and as a result decided to sit down on the street floor.

And then yes shortly after the ambulance did arrive.

I was still able to walk and think luckily, after i went into the car. The medic put a small clip on my finger which does heart rate and such, after seing it from the clip that the heart rate was high, he asked me to lay down and they started putting the pads on my chest and (shoulders?) for more exact measurings.

Then they also took blood pressure and from there it was clear i was going to the hospital. The medic asked me stuff while i was being driven, things like address and such and rightfully critised the consume of weed i had done but also saw that my current situation wasnt enjoyable.

As we arrived at the hospital, i was so high tihnking was hard and i didnt stand up either. i remember i had forgotten if i was in the ambulance with the back against or facing driving directions. In the hospital things went their way, blood taked, and prepared for observation after i had switched beds, not walking.

The doctor who was consise but nice did a good analysis and then just put me on watch…

From there nothing extremely exciting happened except that the heart rate did not decrease, by 2 am it was still around 145bpm, which is why the doctor gave me medication which both times reduced the heart rate by about 15-20 bpm.

I spent the night there and around 5:00 got some sleep, when i woke up at 6:30 my heart rate was at 95 which is still fast but acceptable…at 8 i left the hospital…

Final thoughts

Some notes, first to recap heres the heart rate in time from what i know since thats the reason i was brought to the hospital:

Time Blood Presure Heart Rate(BPM)
0:51 158/80 144
1:07 152/77 142
4:09 116/70 116

Again Note that it was consistently above 130 until 3am which is where i got the medication… Even though in the aftermath i would have survived without the ambulance it was still the right thing to do.

But most of all value the health care people, the fact they acted so fast on whats basically a drug overdose and the work they do day in and day out is incredible and i pull my hat and thank every doctor, nurse and paramedic for the incredible work they do, its really a amazing job. Thank you

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